MMP Reusable Primary Battery Packs

The MMP range of battery packs are designed to replace the ‘one use’ throw away battery packs and large lead-acid batteries with a safe, simple & cost-effective reusable solution.

The MMP range is designed to accept a number of Lithium ‘D’ Cell 3.6V cells and produce a 14.4Vdc output.  They contain an internal self-resetting fuse to help prevent any over current situations.

The MMP range is IP67 rated and can accept various lead lengths to aid in covert installations.  The MMP range can operate at temperatures from -25°C to 70°C.

Each pack contains a built-in safety device that provides a safe means of detecting when the cell pack is virtually depleted and disconnects the load from the pack.  The device will then never reconnect the load even if the cells recover above 10.5V.  This ensures the pack cannot go into a deep-discharge state and become potentially volatile.

Removing the lid from the cell pack for over 5 seconds will reset the safety device ready for the next use.

MMP1 – 56 Cells

MMP2 – 24 Cells

MMP5 – 72 Cells

MMP6 – 48 Cells

MMP7 – 24 Cells

MMP8 – 8 Cells

MMP9 – 2 Cells


MMP1 | MMP2 | MMP5 | MMP6 | MMP7 | MMP8 | MMP9

SCD1 (Safety Cutoff Device)


Available on request.