MMP DTAB Battery Pack

The MMP-DTAB is a Primary Battery pack, nominally rated at 260Ah @ 12V.  It is intended for use by Military, Police and Security Agencies to provide a large power source in harsh environments where mains power is difficult to supply.

The MMP-DTAB features a unique safety device that completely removes power from the unit in the event of the cells dropping below their safe cut-off value of 10.5V for more than 20 seconds.  This ensures that the cell pack will never enter a highly dangerous ‘deep discharge’ phase.  A 7A Polyfuse also offers protection from short-circuit and high current draw situations.

A smart fuel gauge is featured as part of the unit.  As power is drawn from the pack the fuel gauge updates accordingly, including temperature and current drawn compensation.  The free Android DTAP-APP application can be used to retrieve data from the pack and display the fuel level information along with the average temperature and current recorded during deployment.  An Android device connects to the pack via the application lead (PN: DTAB-COMM).

This feature allows users to re-use previously deployed packs rather than throwing away part used packs.  The MMP-DTAB communicates with all Trinity IQ Battery Management systems.

DTAB Battery


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