MediaBox 3

The MediaBox 3 Unit (MB3) is an all-in-one solution for forensically imaging removeable media such as USB Sticks, Digital Memory Cards, external USB drives, etc…  It solves the problems compounded when working under pressure and in time-sensitive situations.  It follows in the footsteps of the successful release of the MediaBox 2 in 2012 and is the ultimate rapid digital acquisition tool.

  • Time – Automatic mounting and imaging of digital media when inserted.  The unit can image up to four devices concurrently.
  • Training – Virtually no training overhead.  Basic usage can be trained in under an hour.
  • Simplicity – Switch the unit on and insert the media to be imaged.  The unit handles the rest.
  • Equipment Carriage – Small and lightweight, easily contained in a field-deployment pouch with all necessary cables and connectors.

The MB3 is part of a range of forensic imaging devices designed and manufactured in the UK.  Once switched on the MB2 monitors all ports (front and rear) on the device and will automatically mount (read-only), and take a forensic bit-for-bit image (DD) when a suspect device is inserted.  It allows concurrent imaging (4 at once) and also provides a visual readout of the imaging process.  This is further enhanced as the DD process allows for partial imaging, which can still be analysed.  Once acquired the data can be copied from the device, or networked anywhere in the world for analysis.  The MB3 also has a simple touchscreen interface allowing for easy configuration.

                                                            MB3 Front View                                                     MB3 Rear View