MediaBox 4

The MediaBox 4 (MB4) is a simple-to-use forensic imager for acquiring digital media.  The MB4 can also be used as a digital triage device for capturing specific file-types, as well as calculating MD5 & SHA1 Hash values for captured data.

The MB4 is part of a range of forensic imaging devices manufactured by Trinity in the UK.  The unit will monitor all ports on the device and will start forensically imaging suspect media when it is inserted.  It allows multi-imaging (4 simultaneously) and provides a visual readout of the progress of each task.  Forensic images are captured using either the DD or E01 imaging process, and suspect media is write-protected to maintain forensic standards.  The MB4 also has a colour touch screen interface allowing for easy configuration and reviewing of captured data.


The MediaBox 4 is available as one of 3 different models.  These are the MediaBox Imager, MediaBox Plus & the MediaBox Pro.  The flyer below provides more information on what is included with each models.

All MB4 units are available as a main-powered unit only, or with internal rechargeable batteries.

Download the flyer here.