About Us

Trinity Workshops Ltd was formed in 2004 by Bob Groves, a Home Office engineer with over 17 years experience in creating custom solutions for the nations Police Forces and Security Services.

Based on a secure MoD site in Essex, we continue to produce innovative products and concepts for the world’s Police, Military and Security agencies.

We offer a range of capabilities, which allow us to design, model, prototype, program, test and produce concepts and products from start to finish, without leaving our four walls, so security and confidentiality is never compromised.

Our Capabilities include;  3D modelling, CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting and Engraving, Electronic Design, PCB Layout and Assembly, ARMTM development, Embedded Software, LinuxTM, AndroidTM and WindowsTM Applications.

We have been involved in a countless projects, including Covert Entry, UGV’s, Forensic Media Imaging, Power Solutions / Safety and UAV’s to name just a few.

Trinity Workshops also offer full training on all of our products.  Training sessions are prices at a daily rate and held at our secure facility in Wethersfield, however we can also run sessions at customer premises.

Our expertise and knowledge is wide and varied.  We have the confidence that we can take your ideas and concepts and bring them into real world solutions in a cost effective way, and in the fastest possible time.